New Noise Cannon logo

We were never the biggest or most-viewed site. We weren’t likely anyone’s go-to for news and reviews. What we were was passionate. There were never any gimmicks, we never pandered to what was cool or what everyone else was doing. With Noise Cannon you got the important stuff – honest, well-thought out, unapologetic opinions on what actually matters to us: music.

Sadly, for 101 reasons, Noise Cannon is finished. There’s been some excellent work here, and we’ve had the best support for everything we’ve done.

To any bands we’ve worked with, PRs who we’ve built relationships with, anyone who’s shared any of our work, anyone who’s read a feature, a review, anything, and to all our contributors – without whom we wouldn’t exist – thank you. It’s meant the world to us.

We’ve had our run, and some really fucking great times to go along with it, but it’s best to call it a day while we’re in a steady decline, than to keep going until our dying breath.

Katie, Samantha and Leigh x