Lonely The Brave – The Day’s War

lonely the brave

Without so much as a whisper, The Day’s War begins as ‘Intro’s slow calm eases you into what will be a journey you won’t forget. Before you know it, the album really kicks in with the urgent-sounding ‘Trick of the Light’. Like dipping your toes in the water, this track gives you just a taste of what Lonely The Brave are made of with the infectious chorus and frontman David Jakes’ emotive vocals taking centre stage.

Q&A With Charlie Simpson

Charlie Simpson

Having been a solo artist for a few years now, Charlie Simpson’s debut record Young Pilgrim was a hit from the moment of release. After three whole years of waiting, fans were finally satisfied after Charlie’s second record Long Road Home was unveiled at the beginning of August. After a string of in store sets, Noise Cannon caught up with the man himself to talk about the benefits of being a solo artist, and what it’s like to see his former bandmates enjoy such huge success in McBusted.

Q&A with Max Raptor

Max Raptor press photo

As Max Raptor played a phenomenal set on the first night of Y Not Festival 2014, we were itching to hang out with the band the next day. We ended up chatting to guitarist Ben Winnington and drummer Pete Reisner about new material, maintaining relationships while in a band, and we were also told some tales about dinosaurs, South American Gods and frontman Wil being a ‘tosser’…


BoJack Horseman Series One Review

For anyone that spends what feels like a preposterous amount of time (don’t worry it isn’t) watching television shows, documentaries and films on the beloved streaming service that is Netflix, you will have noticed a crop of Netflix original releases that cover a wide variety of topics. From the award winning emotional rollercoaster of Orange Is The New Black to the gritty and drama-filled House Of Cards, Netflix is releasing exclusive content that entertains a variety of online audiences. Its latest offering angles itself towards the student and thereabouts age range with an animated sitcom about a washed up 90’s actor who happens to be a horse.

Southsea Festival Preview


Festivals: the dirtiest, craziest, most tiring weekends of most music fans’ years. If you don’t mind a bit (or a lot) of mud just about everywhere then four days of rain stuck in a field is a dream, but for everyone else city festivals are the way forward. All the music and atmosphere of a festival in one day, what’s not to love?

Portsmouth’s Southsea Fest is one that we’re most excited for. Not only are they great for those with an aversion to getting down and dirty, but they bring in incredible bands to out-of-the-way places- on September 20th Southsea will hold 100 bands and 3000 people on one road, Albert Road.


The Simpsons take the Ice Bucket Challenge

The Simpsons have never been a family to shy away from trends sweeping the internet, and unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have noticing your friends and idols taking the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS, which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that in the US alone 5,600 people are diagnosed with every year. Now Homer has joined in with his lacklustre attempt, made all the better by Bart’s relentless antics.


Third Eye Crime (PC)

third eye crime
Describing itself as ‘Game noir’, Third Eye Crime takes the nostalgic private eye theme, laden with sleuths and dames in need and turns it into a click-and-point puzzler with a comic book aesthetic. As you sneak your way through the expected docks, galleries and warehouses that have become synonymous with 1940s style shady happenings, it is not the gameplay, although faultless and challenging, that will catch your eye. Third Eye Crime is a visually and audibly wonderful game, with sliding comic strips to give background to levels and a jazz orchestra soundtrack that is just begging for the narrator to say something ominous like, “I knew something was wrong when she walked into my office” in a Brooklyn accent.