Common People Festival Preview


This year Southampton Common’s getting its own new festival, Common People (clever, right?). It has been put together by Rob Da Bank and his Bestival team and already it looks like it’s going to be a pretty amazing weekend.

The Charlatans – Modern Nature

The Charlatans

This Monday heralded the return of ’90s favourites, The Charlatans, with their twelfth LP release titled Modern Nature. It had been a longer absence than usual for the boys (well, now men) with the five years left between this and their eleventh album being arguably the hardest of their careers. Sadly, the band lost an incredibly talented drummer, Jon Brookes, in 2013, due to a brain tumour which he had been battling for three years. Understandably it took a while for The Charlatans to recoup as a unit and begin recording for this album. In their fallen friends’ memory they continued to use Brookes’ drums during the recording sessions.


10952071_730774793697361_34677748_o Since the introduction of the internet, it has become ever easier to find that band and that niche for yourself as it is right there at your finger tips. But at the same time it has become ever so hard to actually find the ‘good music vs bad music’ amongst a hazy clusterfuck of bollocks that the online community presents. Luckily enough then that when four East Midlands boys enamoured with raw indie, beeping machines and crackling samples stuck their heads together in the annex of their student house to create a little something called Ra! (more…)

Hawk Eyes – Everything Is Fine

Last year Radio 1 listeners creamed themselves hearing Royal Blood, and many stupidly proclaimed that British rock had been saved. Of course people who don’t really seek out music or keep their ears to the ground shouldn’t be sneered at, but if you really think that British rock needed saving then you haven’t heard of Hawk Eyes. This fierce bunch from Leeds have made keeping one’s eye on the rock underground worth it since their 2012 debut Ideas because, unlike many of their peers in the UK rock scene, Hawk Eyes are actually interesting. (more…)

Rae Morris – Unguarded

Rae Morris

After gaining some recognition for featuring as a vocalist on ‘Luna’ from Bombay Bicycle Club’s recent number one album, Rae Morris is finally ready to take centre stage with her own debut. The first LP from Morris is a selection of sing-a-long specials from start to finish. The 12 tracks of Unguarded are wrapped in lovelorn emotion, which embodies her lyrics and leaves an eternal stamp on the album.