Victorious Festival 2014

Victorious Fest

From atop a hill in Southsea’s Castle Field, you can see that the normally grey seaside town is busier, and more alive than it has been in a long time. Stretching into the distance are the Southsea Kite Festival, a funfair and a circus, all bustling like such a town should in the summer. However, this was little in comparison to the event that had encapsulated a massive chunk of the seafront – Victorious Festival 2014.

Netil – Sweet Teeth

Netil_PHOTO CREDIT Keira Cullaine ON ALL USE
Photo by Keira Cullaine

London four piece Netil – named after Hackney venue Netil House – are a band with beguiling vocals that strike a tone reminiscent of your typical 90s rock ballads. In the midst of this familiarity, the fluctuation in guitar melodies kicks their sound into something that is a lot more current. Their debut single ‘Sweet Teeth’ captures this essence with a blend of throbbing vocals and eclectic instrumentation.

Ocasan – Confessions EP


Pop-punk group Ocasan aren’t fresh on the scene – they’ve been around for more than a decade touring around the world. The Buckinghamshire group use this very guitar-heavy EP as the last of three EP releases, completing their sophomore album Elixir, which they’re releasing as a collection album (containing all songs from all three EPs, so the fans can have all the songs in one place). They released their debut album Ricochet a couple of years ago and have toured a lot with it, so they made sure that their second release was worth waiting for.

Frank Turner

Frank Turner 2

“Doing something vocational for a living is an enormous privilege that not many people get to enjoy, and I’m grateful for it every day.”

Frank Turner is a name that’s becoming more and more recognised every year. With more than five albums under his belt, Turner is set to release another in the coming months, and every fan is counting down the days. He’s done a string of festival headline slots this year and is currently on tour in the UK – he just hasn’t stopped. But what is it about the Hampshire man’s material that is so appealing? When asked, Turner just told me: “It’s just music I like, played by me.” But he was being exceptionally modest.