Nick Mulvey @ Junction – Cambridge


Welcome home Nick!” is met with a wry grin by 28-year-old Nick Mulvey, former hang player of Portico Quartet. Busy charming half the country on a sold-out tour, and with the outcome of his Mercury nomation only weeks away, Mulvey graced his hometown of Cambridge with his peerless globe-folk melodies, synonymous with the warm shores of Cuba and the heartlands of Africa, fully realised by a fluent backing band.

The Hobbit trilogy becomes most expensive film production of all time

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy has been named as the most costly film production of all time. With the release of the trilogy’s final film, The Battle of Five Armies, in early December, the overall figure of expenditure stands at $934m New Zealand dollars (£464m).  (more…)

Toys R Us pull Breaking Bad dolls from shelves

Toys R Us has removed the Breaking Bad figurines from their shelves after a Florida mother’s petition gained over 9,000 signatures.

The action figures were based on the main characters of the show and came equipped with fake toy guns and bags of meth. The petition stated that, “celebration of the drug trade make this collection unsuitable to be sold alongside Barbie dolls and Disney characters.”  (more…)

S Club 7 announce reunion for Children In Need

The pop group are reuniting for a performance on BBC’s Children In Need, hosted this year on November 14.

S Club 7 have a pre-existing relationship with BBC’s Children In Need, having previously released “Never Had a Dream Come True” and “Have You Ever” as charity singles in 2000 and 2001 respectively. This year, the group plan to perform a medley of their hits during the charity’s appeal show.  (more…)