The Simpsons take the Ice Bucket Challenge

The Simpsons have never been a family to shy away from trends sweeping the internet, and unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have noticing your friends and idols taking the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness for ALS, which is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that in the US alone 5,600 people are diagnosed with every year. Now Homer has joined in with his lacklustre attempt, made all the better by Bart’s relentless antics.


Third Eye Crime (PC)

third eye crime
Describing itself as ‘Game noir’, Third Eye Crime takes the nostalgic private eye theme, laden with sleuths and dames in need and turns it into a click-and-point puzzler with a comic book aesthetic. As you sneak your way through the expected docks, galleries and warehouses that have become synonymous with 1940s style shady happenings, it is not the gameplay, although faultless and challenging, that will catch your eye. Third Eye Crime is a visually and audibly wonderful game, with sliding comic strips to give background to levels and a jazz orchestra soundtrack that is just begging for the narrator to say something ominous like, “I knew something was wrong when she walked into my office” in a Brooklyn accent.

Anomaly 2 coming to PlayStation 4

After some delays 11-bit studios have announced that the sequel to hugely popular tower defense game Anomaly will be available on PlayStation 4 next month. Maintaining the core elements of the original, Anomaly 2 adds new features to the single-player campaign and finally puts your skills to a test in a completely unique experience: the dynamic tower defense vs. tower offense multiplayer mode!

In the years following the invasion of Earth in 2018, the planet has been overrun by alien machines. Humankind is on the verge of extinction. Traveling together in huge convoys, they search the frozen tundra for food and supplies. Since the war, the roles have been reversed: now our species seems to be the Anomaly on a machine-controlled planet.

Anomaly 2 is the sequel to the award winning Anomaly Warzone Earth and will land in Full HD on PS4 on September 16th 2014.


Thousand Foot Krutch – OXYGEN: INHALE

Canadian Christian rockers Thousand Foot Krutch have been on the scene since 1995. As their ninth album and second independent release, OXYGEN: INHALE is interesting, inspiring, and almost spiritually enlightening. From lead single ‘Born This Way’ to the powerful following single ‘Untraveled Road’, each track offers something slightly different while being similarly brilliant and nothing shy of classic. With a mix of synth, grit, and spirit, it’s an album that proves you don’t need to be religious to enjoy Christian rock.

Gryphon Knight Epic Preview (PC)

gryphon knight epic
After five years of switching between unfruitful projects, game designer Sandro Tomasetti of Cyber Rhino Studios finally settled on a simple, retro styled shoot ‘em up that replaced spaceships and aliens with a knight riding a gryphon and a host of animal enemies to take down. This is the essence of Gryphon Knight Epic, which takes boss battle inspiration from Mega Man’s foes and a landscape design from Zelda’s leafy green forests mixed with crumbling ancient ruins.

Q&A With Marmozets


With their debut album The Weird And Wonderful being released next month, big things are waiting on the horizon for Yorkshires finest five-piece. Trading in their characteristic screams for a slightly poppier sound, the band mix their mathy hardcore with a blend of pop to create what could possibly be the best album of the year. We caught up with Marmozets to find out just how excited they are to finally release their long awaited debut.