The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 4


‘Among the Ruins’ is the fourth episode of the Walking Dead Season 2 and is filled to the brim with action and plot points. Having escaped from Carter’s camp in the last episode we join the crew on the final run from the makeshift labour camp. To start with we find out that the decision we made during the last episode doesn’t actually matter, which makes you feel a little unaccomplished in your actions, as if the choices made don’t actually matter to the story in the short term. This is a problem with the whole series, although you have choices to make and get the reminders of ‘X character will remember that’ ultimately the story will always go in the same direction, so any ends will always be tied and storylines will always reconcile at some point, leaving you wondering what the importance of someone remembering a small snippet of conversation was.

Heel – Stranger Just The Same EP

Heel SJTS Artwork
London four-piece and female -led soft rockers Heel provide an edgy EP that is catchy and pleasing to say the least.

Although there are only as many songs as members, Stranger Just The Same doesn’t come across as an abrupt introduction as to what the quartet has to offer the world. Instead it provides promise for something yet to come.
Stranger Just The Same starts off with a bite to it that is intriguing in a way that makes it as loud as it needs to be, while allowing enough room for the vocals to shine through. (more…)