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Max Raptor @ The Barfly – Camden

max raptor (1)

Photography by Isha Shah

Wil Ray and co. fervently urge the crowd forward, the latter finally relenting and giving in to the urge to howl along to ‘Breakers’ followed by a fiery version of ‘England Breathes’. It’s as if a switch has been flicked, the crowd suddenly following Ray’s commands militantly, becoming the heaving, single-entity it should have been from the start. Fire now truly in their eyes, the band blast through ‘Population’, Ray demonstrating the harsher side of his vocal capabilities, followed by ‘Patron Saint (Of Nothing)’ and ‘Damage Appreciation’ in quick succession before closing on a disgustingly groovy ‘The King Is Dead’ which fittingly sees the crowd apparently losing what is left of their sanity.

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